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Appreciation and Valuation

Value arises from appreciation

Where the built city and the inhabited city fit well together, identity is created. Identity is the result of appreciation by people, thereby creating meaningfulness. A place becomes valuable.

Anna Vos Concepts for Urban Change is discovering what people hold dear, what will be meaningful and hence valuable in the future.  

Valuable in more ways than one.

People should like a place or building. By its form and appearance, it can take its place within the culture of creating architecture: it has cultural value.
People should value the social aspects of a project: it must be socially relevant, flexible and sustainable. People recognize its future value.
People must be able to use a place or building: it has functionality or utility.

If this can come to fruition, people will be likely to buy it or rent it, indeed pay for it. The project will prove to be of commercial value.

A concept combines utility, cultural value, social value and hence commercial value.