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Cultural responsibility

Building the future into the present upon the past

What and how we develop and build, the design of our cities, how people make a city their own: that is culture. Culture goes beyond the individual. The fact that private interests are involved does not alter this conclusion. On the contrary, the collision and merging of individual and social interests is an essential feature of spatial development. Indeed, it is the core of urban life, of urbanity.

Anna Vos Concepts for Urban Change believes that sustainability is the careful use or reuse of the existing and the search for realizable opportunities for change, spatially and programmatically. This is always based on respect for the need for economic support. The outcome may be conservation and restoration, infill development or optimization. But demolition and making something new can also be the culturally responsible outcome.

No sacred cows. No recipes. Every choice you make must be justified. That is what we mean by culturally responsible development. Each decision will add another chapter to the history of the city. What we build now is the legacy for future generations.

The way we deal with cultural values and heritage, the way we focus on possible future values – that’s what makes urban development a cultural activity.