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Power, inspiration and fun

‘Let your spirit run free’, the Dutch poet and performer Johnny van Doorn wrote  back in 1977. Openness and fun are the basis of creativity. Exciting, inspiring, challenging and encouraging people in creative processes – that’s how successful projects are created.

Anna Vos Concepts for Urban Change works for you and with you, the client. Our method and our results will cause you to exclaim: ‘That's it. We’ll do it that way!

.... Sometimes you feel too insecure to properly assess an initiative, you sense that opportunities are being missed, or you lack the overview required. Perhaps your own people might need a critical boost? Or you get too little feedback from your project partners? The process is stalled because of conflicts of interest? Goals and reality are diverging too much?

With our focus on "what do we really want?" and our personal commitment we can offer an overview and speed things up, both in content and process.

Anna Vos Concepts for Urban Change provides an extensive and diverse network of professionals. In consultation with the client, we can organise partnerships on a project basis