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Urban Change

Urban change contains multitudes. The built city, the inhabited city and the planned city: all three are constantly changing in varying rhythms and cycles.

Cities are dynamic, constantly changing. Growth, shrinkage, obsolescence, innovation: the built city is changing and being changed. The programme of the city changes, both quantitatively and qualitatively, from a trading city into a knowledge city, from an industrial city into a creative city. And the use of the city changes, both in daily life and through all kinds of rituals and special events. People appropriate the city to themselves time and again.
Sometimes a plan is needed to provide for the realignment of these social and physical changes. Anna Vos Concepts for Urban Change, by planning the city, spatially and programmatically, provides new perspectives to accommodate the on-going changes.

The inhabited city: what do residents and visitors do? How do they behave? What do they like? Do they perceive the city as their home or as a temporary space?

The built city: the structures, the building blocks and the separate buildings, the physical boundaries between public and private

The planned city: all kinds of ideas, plans and programmes, realized or not, in the minds of people
– as it should or could be – and therefore meaningful


Urban change involves the continuous revaluation of the city by its users.